How Is It Like to Be a Travel Assistant?

Like any other job, being a travel assistant has its perks and not so good moments. But I love my job and I cannot envision myself doing something else, at least at this point in my life. Let me tell you about how my day starts. If you are a coffee lover, like I am, you know how important it is to get your bitter fix first thing in the morning. The main problem is that, from the very first moment I take a seat in my chair, my phone starts ringing. And that is when all the beautiful chaos begins, and my coffee ends up being postponed for lunch and sometimes even later when I get to think whether I should still have coffee or not.


It is something challenging and highly motivating about being a travel assistant for different people. They need routes to be thought out cleverly, they need the best, yet the most affordable accommodations in the city and they need to get where they want fast. Even more so, a travel assistant must be pretty much a know-it-all, when it comes to the unexpected. Of course, having access to Internet makes things easier for travel assistants in this day and age. Sometimes, I just need to visit several websites and get their best quotes so I can offer my clients the best solutions for their needs. Please do keep in mind that I used the word ‘sometimes’. More often, I have to draw an entire route using bits of information in my head, then run fast comparisons, using the same internal calculator I have implanted in my brain, and come up with the best and most decently priced option.


After that, I need to get back to the client and let them know of my findings. If they are satisfied, then that is all good. But that is not always the case, and I have to go to the drawing board once more, so I can find some alternatives that are more to their liking. There are times when they change your mind, and I need to start from zero. All this back and forth takes time and energy, and I have yet to encounter a day when I’ll have just a client or two on the line. Usually, I must juggle with several of them and I need to keep track of everything they want and need, without wasting valuable time.

The most rewarding moment is when a client calls and says that everything was fine and that they want to hire our services again. That is when a travel assistant knows that they did a great job!

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