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What I eat to keep being fit and healthy

Although I have committed myself to living a healthy lifestyle, the decision to cut down on fat-laden food can be challenging at times. It becomes doubly hard to do the grocery shopping since the options seem to be limited. However, eating right supports my fitness goals while improving my energy levels easily and quickly.

Eating healthy has also made me feel younger. By taking advantage of the benefits of healthy foods, I can do more and hopefully, live longer.

I drink filtered water-lots of it. Helping remove toxins or metabolic wastes from the body, water provides me with more energy that I need for my everyday activities. As much as possible, I make it a point to drink from two to three liters of pure, clean water every day. This helps me regain lost moisture and electrolytes when I perspire especially during workouts.

Sugar is something I avoid. Sugar makes people fat and can also cause sickness. When stevia became commercially available, I became an instant fan. Stevia is a natural herb with a distinctive sweetness that comes from the goodness of nature. It keeps my blood sugar levels stable while helping me with my objective to maintain an ideal body weight.

I eat every 2 ½ to 3 hours, as it revs up my metabolism to allow me to lose fat quicker. Eating every few hours also keeps my mind sharp while providing me with the constant energy I can use throughout the day. I only eat till I am satisfied and not overfull so I can be hungry again for my next small meal.

I make sure I get my eight essential amino acids. I make sure I have protein at every meal. I try to have a serving of raw food everyday. By ‘raw food’, I mean live food that gives me energy. I go for organic when I can, even though it’s on the costly side. Organic food always has that incredible taste, and it helps me keep away herbicides and pesticides.

I have found beet juice to be great at boosting energy compared to caffeine. This means I can cycle longer. To truly bolster my exercise performance, I invested in a juicer to use for fresh beets, which are never out of season. Known to boost endurance, speed, and power in athletes, honey provides me with timed-release fuel to maintain steady blood sugar and insulin levels for a longer period. Honey is also a natural sweetener.

Because of their ability to reduce inflammation, blueberries also deliver a boost in natural killer cells that play an essential role in our immunity. If fresh blueberries are unavailable, I just stash freeze-dried or dried ones in my gym bag to have a quick snack when needed.

I also love tart cherries, which help me regain strength and fight pain ( especially in juices). Salmon is also a favorite, thanks to how it fights heart disease and helps me stave off type 2 diabetes. Watermelon is useful for reducing muscle soreness, and I love how it refreshes me naturally, while pomegranate juice helps improve muscle recovery.

When you think about it, the options to healthy eating are not at all limited. One simply has to know where to look and what to avoid to support a healthy lifestyle.

How Is It Like to Be a Travel Assistant?

Like any other job, being a travel assistant has its perks and not so good moments. But I love my job and I cannot envision myself doing something else, at least at this point in my life. Let me tell you about how my day starts. If you are a coffee lover, like I am, you know how important it is to get your bitter fix first thing in the morning. The main problem is that, from the very first moment I take a seat in my chair, my phone starts ringing. And that is when all the beautiful chaos begins, and my coffee ends up being postponed for lunch and sometimes even later when I get to think whether I should still have coffee or not.


It is something challenging and highly motivating about being a travel assistant for different people. They need routes to be thought out cleverly, they need the best, yet the most affordable accommodations in the city and they need to get where they want fast. Even more so, a travel assistant must be pretty much a know-it-all, when it comes to the unexpected. Of course, having access to Internet makes things easier for travel assistants in this day and age. Sometimes, I just need to visit several websites and get their best quotes so I can offer my clients the best solutions for their needs. Please do keep in mind that I used the word ‘sometimes’. More often, I have to draw an entire route using bits of information in my head, then run fast comparisons, using the same internal calculator I have implanted in my brain, and come up with the best and most decently priced option.


After that, I need to get back to the client and let them know of my findings. If they are satisfied, then that is all good. But that is not always the case, and I have to go to the drawing board once more, so I can find some alternatives that are more to their liking. There are times when they change your mind, and I need to start from zero. All this back and forth takes time and energy, and I have yet to encounter a day when I’ll have just a client or two on the line. Usually, I must juggle with several of them and I need to keep track of everything they want and need, without wasting valuable time.

The most rewarding moment is when a client calls and says that everything was fine and that they want to hire our services again. That is when a travel assistant knows that they did a great job!

About Me

Hello there! My name is Dan Oliver, and I’m a British citizen who has recently relocated to the United States. I’m a travel assistant, and I’ve always been keen on the idea of continuing my career. I now work for a travel agency in Denver.

welcome1I have decided to start a blog because I wanted to document my experiences about adapting to my new life in the United States. Every day, I discover new things, some of which I like and some of which I don’t. While I did suffer some minor shocks at the beginning of my adventure, I have to say that I like living among US citizens because they are friendly and easy-going. Some of my colleagues helped me settle in. One of the first things that I noticed is that Americans don’t eat like Europeans. The local cuisine is packed with specialties that I still have to try, and the neat thing about it is that I’m open to new experiences. I know it might be less healthy, but once in a while I even like to try a new burger place or just a fast-food joint where I can get my carb and protein kick at the same time.

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 16: The line of scrimmage is seen between the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium on December 16, 2012 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

It’s no wonder that so many British people choose to live in the United States. Professionally and personally, my life couldn’t be better right now. I have a decent income that I can use to go out once in a while or even try my best at fishing. I have become fast friends with several of my colleagues and they’re passionate about fishing and hunting so that they might take me on their expeditions sooner or later. One thing I’ve noticed about the American culture is that it’s partly focused on sports. I’m not a big fan of American football but I do like a tennis match from time to time, and I’m trying to learn the basics of baseball. It can be rather daunting for a foreigner to understand the rules of this kind of sport.

American English is intuitive and user-friendly, and most of the words are extremely logical, which is why I have no issue understanding Americans. I know both the British and the Americans have their own slang, but given the openness of the European culture toward US movies and TV productions, I really have no problem communicating with the ones around me.

In short, I hope you will enjoy my adventures as I document them on my blog. Wishing you all the best!

PS If you’re interested about what other people had to say about adapting to life in the states, you should check out this post. I can’t say that I agree with it, but some of the points seem well documented.