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Playing baseball for the first time

As a British citizen who recently transferred to the United States I’ve had a lot of fun throwing myself into American culture. Thanks to my new friends at the travel agency I’ve discovered that I really enjoy fishing, and they’ve promised to take me hunting when the season starts. I might even get to go on an overnight trip, which means I also get to go camping for the first time in the states. While I still can’t get used to American Football I do enjoy watching soccer and tennis matches and this brings me to my new passion, baseball.


Baseball is a true American sport, and I even followed the World Series when I still lived overseas. It is a game that makes sense to me, unlike Americanized football which I still think is poorly named. Why name a game “football” when there is only one or two players on a team kicking the “old pigskin”? Anyways, my friends at work are part of a baseball team and recently they invited me to play. I can’t tell you how excited I was, and even a little honored.

Thankfully the game was just for fun, since this is my first time playing. I also didn’t realize just how much equipment was needed. I must say I am glad a friend convinced me to run out after work and buy a protective cup since I think this was also the pitcher’s first time throwing a ball.


My teammates stuck my in the far outfield, they claimed for my safety. Since there was very little action that far away from the bases, I think it was to also minimize the risk of my missing a hit that would allow the other team to win. Even though I didn’t get to make an amazing game winning catch, I saw plenty of action when I was up to bat. One of the things that I love about this sport is that everyone on the team gets a turn swinging a bat.


wel3I admit that the first two times I was up to bat I struck out, except for the ball that hit me. Then I got to go to first base. Since the next two batters struck out, I never made it past first base until we got to the last inning in the game. On my last turn batting I managed to hit the ball, hard. It actually flew past the baseline. The excitement and exhilaration of running around the bases is indescribable, even though I only made it to third. While my team ended up losing by one run I am now hooked on baseball and can’t wait until we play again next weekend, especially since I just bought a pair of batting gloves and some cool shin pads. I’m dying to try out.